Monday, March 28, 2011

Italy update!

The past two days have been fun!
Yesterday we went to Nico's church in Milan. We know the pastor because he lectured with his wife at school, so it was nice seeing them! The entire service was in Italian, so I sat next to Maddie and we tried to pick up words we knew. I could actually sing along with a couple of the songs since I knew some of the words from choir or voice lessons. After church we went to Ikea and go lunch there. After that we came home and had pizza for dinner and watched a movie, since it is their tradition.
This morning we slept in pretty late, and then we had a breakfast of yogurt and briosche and helped his mom with some of the garden. This afternoon we picked up Ela from dance and we got gelato, which was delicious. For dinner we had pasta and bread, and now we are waiting for another person to join us, but just for the night.
Tomorrow we're going to walk around the little town and enjoy Italy!

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