Monday, January 10, 2011

Second term

Saturday night most of us arrived back at school. There are still some people who haven't arrived, but classes started today. I'm really enjoying the start of second term. We have new roommates, new seats, and a kind of new start. I'm living in the conference hall for the term with five roommates. I'm happy with the room I was put it, and I have Stacey right next door to me!
Yesterday we had church in the morning and had our regular Sunday schedule. I'm happy to be back in the routine! In the afternoon I watched Enchanted with a lot of the girls in the conference hall and then I had my daily walk with my friend (and now roommate!!) Alaina! We have evening service on Sundays, and last night we just had a time to journal or draw and then we did communion at the tables we were at. It was nice to be back with everyone and sit and talk and hear stories.
This morning my roommates and I woke up at 6:30 so we could journal and read and then we had breakfast and I sat in the lounge like I normally do in the mornings. I played piano for a bit and then talked with Maddie and Nico, which I did almost every day last term. Our lectures for this week are 1&2 Corinthians and 1 Samuel, which is being taught by a great guest lecturer. I know this week will be a good week listening to him!
This afternoon I've been hanging out with my old roommates and new ones...and there are more lectures tonight!!

I will hopefully be blogging again soon!

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  1. I'm glad to know you are happy to be back at Capernwray. Who is your guest lecturer this week? Is it Ian Leitch, or is he coming later?