Wednesday, January 26, 2011

this weekend

I got my schedule for the 'meet the team' weekend which is coming up this Friday.
I will be at a Baptist church about four hours away from school.
Here is just a little schedule for the weekend:
16:30 arrive at the church
17.30-18.45 I'm working with four other team members doing a Bible club for 6-11 year olds. This time around we don't need to plan anything...
19.00-21.00 buffet supper with people from the church. For this I have the opportunity to lead some icebreaker games for 40 minutes. My team leader knows me from camp and knows how many icebreakers we do there, so it shouldn't be hard to lead. At the end of the evening we are leading a short 20 minute devotional time. We are planning on doing a couple songs and short message. I don't have a part in this at the moment since I'll be doing the icebreaker.
21.30 going to our host families houses (and most likely passing out)

10.00 whole team meet for devotional time with the pastor
and the rest of the day we are just getting information about our ten day outreach, having lunch and then going to an informal evening with teenagers...I'm excited for that since I'm interested in working with youth.

9.00 preparation time
11.00 morning service..we are supposed to prepare an imaginative (and preferably interactive) way of introducing ourselves, followed by a simple gospel 'thought' based on a verse of scripture...with a children's song (we've learned a couple here at school). This will last about 20 minutes until we all go to Junior Church, which meets during the later part of the service for about 50 minutes. There are three age groups: 4-6 years, 6-11, and 12+. Our team will be splitting up and going to the different age groups. Wherever we go this sunday is where we will be going for our ten day outreach. I'm not sure what I want to do yet.
After service we are going to different homes and having lunch.
15.00 Team meet back at church to prep
18.00 prayer meeting
18.30 evening service. This is where we have the most to do. We are going to be leading the entire night
20.00 back to school

and then that Monday we have lectures in the morning, and we have our practical week preparing for the 10 day outreach.

busy busy busy

Today I have three different papers I need to be working on, and I need to think of some good icebreakers..

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